VDIGIPRO brings you Innovative, Interactive and Responsive Websites, and Forward Facing Digital Design

When it comes to beauty, color is not the only thing that matters. Good design is not easy to create, manage, support and promote because it requires to dig deeper, but consequentially, it does offer a better result. In our experience, research in web design yields tangible results. From a responsive web design that delights your visitors to digital marketing campaigns that drive traffic to your website, we design with style and substance.

At VDIGIPRO, we have established, an experienced and trusted, global team with over a decades’ experience in providing bespoke web design solutions – we’re well equipped to take your business concept from initial idea to reality.

  • One Package that Covers everything You Need for Your Business Success

Just One Package that covers all your web design needs

The Ultimate Solution

While the world of website design is in a constant state of evolution, we can offer you quality design solutions that stand the test of time, coupled with the most affordable package which is the Ultimate Solution. Our experts bring your vision for your brand to life and transform your stories that help your audience resonate with the message.

With a combined experience of over a decade, we make sure to create the best solution that serves your business needs. We charge flat $399 for a professional WordPress website, with unlimited revisions, additional pages, graphics designs that are included in the original quote. In the spirit of transparency, we do not collect any additional, or hidden charges and ensure to be with you every step of the way.


For typical portfolios, blogs, or displays with less than 5 pages, we offer Cost Effective Solution.

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The Ultimate Solution Covers

    We live in an age of mobile revolution. More than 58% of the global population is digitally aware and smartphone sales have been skyrocketing daily. Get mobile-ready today with a responsive design for iOS and Android phones, tablets, and many more devices to open up your online world to as many new customers as possible.
    We provide you with the tools necessary to get your content online effectively and efficiently. WordPress open-source Content Management System is a free, hosting-supported feature that gives you complete control over your content. On a bigger note, we offer a FREE SURPRISE website maintenance and update. So any update, that takes less than an hour is one the house.
    WWe do not believe in quantity but quality, so we pick clients only when we can handle their business with efficacy. We offer unlimited design revisions, and keep you updated in the developmental phases to ensure that you have the final say in the design and development process.With the Ultimate Solution package, you will be getting absolutely no limit over the number of pages that you can add to your website. The average website that you get in the package has typically 10-12 pages.Please be advised that the CONTENT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE. Quality content is something that costs you, and you need to have an idea before you get to that stage. The website will contain the dummy text.
    Search Engine Optimisation makes your site more visible to search engines, which in turn makes it more easily accessible to potential users/customers. SEO improves awareness of your brand among searchers who would otherwise choose the same products or services from a competitor’s brand.The committed team at VDIGIPRO will provide you with customized SEO plugin backend services to suit your specific business needs. That means skilfully combining design, usability, and copywriting to make your site more visible to search engines. You will, however, will be asked to provide relevant keywords.

Priority Solutions

  • Website Forms Integration
    The most important aspect of the website is the accessibility, so you will get an intermittently connected submission form. Your customer will be able to reach you by just adding a few basic details.
  •  Security and Performance Plugins
    We live in an age where the malware, cyber-attacks, and hacking is all too common. We make sure to add relevant security and malware plugins. VDIGIPRO offers value by optimizing the code to ensure that it loads efficiently and runs effectively.
  • Google Analytics
    The analytics is the most important aspect of the business, and it provides you will an extensive overview of the most searched keywords, with respect to location, demographics, and even device types.
  • Social Media Plugins and API integrations
    Social Media and Web 2.0 are the true aces in the hands of modern business. With the SM integration and APIs, you can build an online presence of your website by sharing, displaying it on SM, and also displaying tweets, likes, and stories on your website.
  • Free Email-Support and Maintenance
    Once your website is live, we offer a complete 24/7 after-sales services for general questions and guidance. Think of us as your loyal online sidekick, where we always strive to keep you safe and up to date. We’re dependable, insightful and our in-house technical skills are second to none. Need to add a little seasonal tweak to your web design? We’ve got it. Need to tune up the performance of your site? Not a problem. We’ll even manage your data back up and perform scheduled site maintenance. You’re in safe hands./li>